Hello 2017!

I've created some goals for 2017 to help me live life well!

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Let’s Talk (Time to Talk 2018)

So today is time to talk day - the initiative started by Time to Change to get more people talking about mental health. It's a great campaign, and one which I've taken part in previously. This year, I'm gonna get even more real and honest than before. I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness,... Continue Reading →

Dear Mum (part 4)

Today marks 4 years since you left this world. 4 years since you last texted me, or told me you loved me. It's weird, 4 years seems like such a long time, but it also feels like no time at all. For those 4 years you have been dead, I have lived. I have cried,... Continue Reading →

What is Home? (London Take II)

So after my breakup with London at the beginning of the year, I have had to admit that I was wrong, and ask for forgiveness. Luckily, London is a pretty understanding mistress. After some time away, I came to see that sometimes absence really does make the heart grow fonder (I know it's super cliche, but it's... Continue Reading →

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