Explaining The Gap (where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing)

I know. I know, it's been forever. You'd be forgiven for thinking I went through a black hole to another universe, or moved to Switzerland and became a secret agent. Unsurprisingly, neither of those things have happened in the past year since I last properly blogged. What has happened is perhaps less exciting, but just... Continue Reading →

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Why I’m Running

I have never got on well with exercise. In school, I would do whatever I could to avoid PE, always feeling like the oddball who was left out of team picks, couldn’t hit the ball, and just generally sucked at sports. When I moved to London for uni, I vowed that I would become a... Continue Reading →

A Brief Update

I'm going to write this, and leave it pinned to the page for the time being. No re-editing ten times. No changing the fonts/colours. Just talking to you, and letting you know what's up. For the past 5 years I have written this blog on and off in some form. It's been far more off... Continue Reading →

5 Years of Blogging!

Today is the 5 year anniversary of me starting the first version of this blog! Originally called 'The Smile Diary' I began the blog in April 2013 less than 5 months after my Mum passed away as an outlet for my emotions. I felt lost, alone, and scared about what next, and as a writer... Continue Reading →

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