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Confidence Looks Different From Outside

I have always been described as confident. People who meet me and speak to me may get that impression, as I talk a lot, and am pretty friendly. However inside, I’ve dealt with a million doubts and self-esteem issues since I was a teenager. It began in secondary school. In primary school I had friends,… Continue reading Confidence Looks Different From Outside

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#Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 6&7

I'm 'cheating' a little bit by putting 2 days together, but the prompts were linked, and I definitely managed to do both last week!  Day 6's challenge was to 'spend some quality time with you' while Day 7 was 'treat yourself to some self-care'. As you can see they're related, so I figured I'd do… Continue reading #Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 6&7

Self Love Advent Calendar Day 5
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#Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 5

The challenge for day 5 was to 'get into a state of gratitude' and I was inadvertently feeling it - as I was at home ill and feeling super sorry for myself, I was feeling grateful for days off work. I was also feeling incredibly grateful to M for taking care of me, and mandating… Continue reading #Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 5

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#Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 4

I know I'm behind! I've been feeling pretty ill the last few days so have been practising self-love by resting as much as possible when I'm not at work. Day 4's prompt was Dance to Your Favourite Christmas Song! So I got down over on Instagram  😂 Even though I'm feeling rough, it made me smile… Continue reading #Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 4

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#Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 3

The Challenge for day 3 was 'write 3 things you LOVE about yourself' ❤️ I really like these type of challenges, as they force me to focus on the positives. When it comes to everyone else I'm great at being positive, but I'm always far too harsh on myself. So having to come up with… Continue reading #Blogmas/Self-love Advent Calendar Day 3